Movora Course / Workshop & Cancellation Policy


  1. Where to register for courses and workshops
  2. How to register
  3. Confirmation of registration
  4. Payment
  5. Travel arrangements and bookings
  6. Cancellation and refunds
  7. Instructors, programs, course&workshop sizes, and course/workshop dates
  8. Attire for workshops
  9. Copyright and sharing of course&workshop content
  10. Certificates
  11. CE credits
  12. Terms & conditions specific to online courses
  13. Data protection/privacy
  14. Liability and jurisdiction
  15. Complaint handling
  16. Changes of policy/terms & conditions



1. Where to register for courses and workshops

Movora offers training for veterinary surgeons; training consists of either practical workshops, online training courses and webinars, or a combination of these.

Courses and workshops on offer are organized by Movora or as product-specific trainings of the Movora brands.

Both practical workshops and online courses on offer can be viewed and booked online on the Movora Education Platform (

Courses & workshops are described on the Movora Education Platform including information on course/workshop content, trainers and speakers, prices, and workshop location.


a.       Discounts for residents and veterinary technicians

Discounts for residents and veterinary technicians only apply if they are specifically stated in the workshop description and if enough seats are available. To take advantage of the discounted price listed, the correct 'Professional Role' must have been selected during account set-up ('Resident' or 'Veterinary Technician/Nurse’ as applicable). 

A limited number of reduced rate spaces are available for Residents.  A proof of residency must be supplied upon request. After the maximum number has been met, Residents who still wish to attend may pay the standard full price fee, attend an upcoming workshop, or join a waitlist by contacting

2. How to register

Booking of training and education courses & workshops organized by Movora is only possible with acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined below as integral part of the customer registration for the corresponding course or workshop offering.
Courses & workshops are described on the Movora or Movora brand website, including information on course/workshop content, trainers and speakers, prices, and workshop location.

When registering for a workshop or course, please read through all instructions and check your registration before submitting it. If guidance for registration is needed, our Customer Service can assist you.

In case of any changes to your contact or registration details, please notify us as soon as possible, so that information sent out will be correctly addressed. Movora is not responsible if information does not reach the customer in time in case of a change of contact or registration details.

3. Confirmation of registration

a. Communication of confirmation

Confirmation of the registration will be sent to the customer by email to the email address used for registration immediately after submission of the registration.

b. Eligibility

If no eligibility criteria are stated for the attendance of the course/workshop, the confirmation email constitutes confirmation of successful registration.

If eligilibility criteria are stated (e.g. attendance of course is only possible following successful completion of another course), Movora has the right to first confirm that the stated eligibility criteria have been fulfilled. In these cases, the registration is a request for enrollment. If the eligibility criteria have not been met, the customer will be informed within 10 working days after Movora receives the registration request.

4. Payment

Prices are indicated in the course/workshop description and binding reservation under the fee indicated is confirmed by the customer when submitting the registration.

Movora Course & Workshop fees must be paid in full at the time of online enrollment using the payment option given. The options available for payment depend on the workshop location and are stated in the workshop registration form.

If payment by credit card is not possible for you, please contact our Customer Service who can arrange payment by bank transfer, check or wire transfer.

5. Travel arrangements and bookings

If not noted otherwise, the prices exclude costs for travelling to the venue and hotel bookings. All travel arrangements and bookings are the responsibility of the attendee.

We aim to confirm the workshop no later than 30 days prior to the event and recommend that you do not book travel before that time.

6. Workshop cancellation and refunds

For online courses, please refer to section 12. Terms & conditions specific to online courses.

a. Cancellation by the participant

Cancellations by participants are accepted until 30 days before the workshop date with full refund, otherwise the full workshop fee will be charged. Cancellations must be sent in writing (by email or letter). Reimbursement will be transmitted to the account from which the fee payment was received. A $25.00 processing fee (or equivalent in currency charged for workshop) will be applied.

b. Cancellation by Movora

Movora reserves the right to cancel workshops if there is a need due to the circumstances listed below (list is not exhaustive). In case of a workshop cancellation, every effort will be made to notify registrants as early as possible and customers will be reimbursed for fees already paid at the time of course cancellation in a timely manner. For these cases, Movora aims to offer replacement workshops as soon as possible and will inform customers registered for cancelled courses about the availability of new workshop spaces. Movora will not reimburse any costs not included in the workshop fee (e.g hotel bookings or travel arrangements booked by the customer).

i. Cancellation if registration exceeds or falls below suggested participation

Movora only guarantees the execution of workshops for which the minimum number of participants as specified has been reached. Movora reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a workshop if registration falls below minimum participation as noted in the workshop description. In the event a workshop is canceled, all registrants will receive a full refund of any fees paid so far.

ii. Cancellation due to other circumstances

In case of the cancellation of a workshop from Movora’s side due to circumstances including non-availability of the trainer due to illness, non-availability of the event venue etc., registered participants will be informed promptly about the cancellation and any workshop fees already paid will be reimbursed.

c. Substitution of attendee

In case that the registered customer cannot attend a workshop, a delegate suggested by the participant may take the workshop space instead. The participant has to inform Movora latest 10 working days before the workshop about the change in participant. Any eligibility criteria set for the workshop need to be fulfilled by the substitute attendee, otherwise participation is not possible.

7. Instructors, programs, workshop sizes, and dates of workshops

Movora is committed to the advancement of veterinary orthopedics. Therefore, we offer veterinarians the best education we can.

a. Movora’s responsibilities for workshop content and conduction

Movora chooses a suitable size, program, and location for their workshops for a proper learning experience. Workshop instructors are qualified to deliver the workshop content in the best possible way.

b. Changes to workshop instructors, program, or workshop date

Movora reserves the right to make changes to the workshop program, speakers or location if necessary. The registration fee will remain unchanged in these cases. In any case, registered participants will be informed promptly about changes regarding their workshop booking. We retain the right to substitute qualified instructors from our pool of lecturers in the event an instructor becomes unavailable. Boarded Instructors will be replaced with a qualified boarded instructor.

8. Attire for workshops

It is encouraged/recommended that you bring scrubs to wear during all hands-on laboratory portions. In most cases, gowns and gloves will be provided. Closed toed shoes are required. Protective eyewear is recommended.

9. Copyright and sharing of course content

For all training material provided by Movora, the Movora brands, and/or the instructor(s), the copyright remains with the original proprietor. As the content of the training material is intellectual property of Movora, the Movora brands, and/or the instructor(s), any reproduction, circulation and usage of training material is only permitted after consultation and with the written consent of Movora.

10. Certificates

Certificates will be issued upon the completion of the course/workshop. For all CE accredited courses and workshops, certificates will indicate the course/workshop-approved credit hours.

For the Total Joint Replacement solutions offered by BioMedtrix and KYON, special certification within the corresponding TJR Education Pathway must be achieved for eligibility for the purchase of BioMedtrix or KYON’s THR products. Both brands offer a program that encourages review and practice of proper surgical technique and requires considerable additional time and resources from participating surgeons. Within the corresponding Product Mentorship programs, and distinct from the certificates of attendance, a final certificate of successful completion of the full program will be issued. This certificate confirms that the requirements to attain eligibility to purchase the BioMedtrix resp. the KYON TJR products. The certificate may not be used for any other purpose, and specifically may not be used by recipient as an endorsement or recommendation of the recipient by Movora for any purpose whatsoever.

11. CE/CPD credits

Movora aims to offer most of their courses and workshops with the appropriate CE/CPD accreditation. Certificates with course-approved credit hours will be issued upon completion of the course/workshop.

12. Terms & conditions specific to online courses

Movora offers its customers and those interested in the products and services offered by Movora, and connected brands, an Education Platform with online courses that can be accessed for information and training purposes at

The access to the Education Platform is free; customers and interested veterinarians or veterinarian assistants can sign up for the Education Platform without a signing-up fee. Every user of the platform has to create his or her own account. Account details are not to be shared between users.

After signing in, courses can be accessed via the course catalog. Courses on offer are divided into
  • courses with free access
  • courses with a purchase option
Courses with a purchase option can be purchased immediately on the Education Platform. Payment is by credit card.

Online courses are final sale. If you have purchased a course by mistake, please notify us immediately by email to or using the contact option on the Education Platform itself.

The Education Platform also hosts groups for exchange and discussion. We encourage users of the platform to make use of the groups and discussion forums. Please note that we want to keep these groups a friendly place and we do expect good behavior against each other. If this is not the case, we reserve the right to remove the account of the offending user.

Movora strives to keep the content of all courses on the Movora Education Platform as current as possible. Despite our efforts, Movora cannot give a warranty on the content of the Education Platform being always correct and up to date. Also, it cannot be excluded that on a certain topic a different opinion might be expressed by another educational source.

The content of our online education courses was created based on information, data and images/video content from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and has been thoroughly reviewed before making the course available to learners. The intellectual property and the copyright for the content of the courses lies with the respective SMEs and Movora; the content must not be copied or distributed without receiving Movora’s written consent.

Any content that can be downloaded from the Movora Education Platform must not be copied or shared, nor being edited and used for other purposes than the user's education.

Movora reserves the right to remove any user from the Education Platform who breaches these restrictions.
Any questions about the Movora Education Platform and the contained courses can be directed to

13. Data protection/privacy

We at Movora, the MedTech vertical of Vimian Group AB (publ.) (in compliance with Vimian’s Data Protection Policy) make protecting your privacy a priority and ensure that your right to privacy is respected. The Movora Privacy Policy describes how we make sure that the personal data you provide is treated with the highest level of confidentiality. Please consult the Movora Privacy Policy for details.

14. Liability and jurisdiction

Participation in Movora training events and workshops is voluntary. With registering for Movora training events and workshops, participants acknowledge that they understand and accept potential risks associated with their participation in the training event or workshop, including the associated travel or any events incidental to the training event or workshop.

Course participants agree to:

(A) WAIVE, RELEASE, AND DISCHARGE the Released Parties from any and all liability, indemnifications, causes of actions, suits, claims and demands whatsoever, both in law or in equity, whether presently known, unknown, knowable, unknowable, contingent or otherwise, including but not limited to, liability arising from the negligence or fault of the Released Parties (the “Liabilities”), with respect to their death, disability, personal injury, economic loss, property damage, loss or theft, including attorney’s fees, or actions of any kind which may hereafter occur to them including my traveling to and from the training event, and
(B) INDEMNIFY, HOLD HARMLESS, AND PROMISE NOT TO SUE the Released Parties with respect to the Liabilities resulting from or related to their participation in the training event, whether caused by the negligence of the Released Parties or otherwise.

The place of jurisdiction is for users located in

  • USA, Canada, and South America: St. Augustine, Florida, USA
  • Europe and the Rest of the World (RoW):  Zurich, Switzerland.

15. Complaint handling

Movora strives to provide education events and courses of the highest quality to meet customer’s satisfaction. If you have any complaint about one of our education offerings, please contact and we will get back to you within 10 working days.
16. Changes of policy/terms & conditions
In case of changes to this course & cancellation policy, the latest version will supersede the prior version.


Document/version MEDU-POL-0001-B . effective 8/22/2023