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BioMedtrix Universal Hip Mentorship Program


This program offers surgeons and their surgical teams the technical feedback and support required to gain confidence in performing THR as they prepare to perform clinical cases.

Completion of a Universal Hip Hands-on Surgical Workshop is required to enroll in the Mentorship program.

Completion of this program is required prior to purchasing implants for clinical use.

Surgeons who have completed the BioMedtrix Universal Hip Hands-on Surgical Workshop may enroll in the Universal Hip Mentorship Program. This program incurs additional costs and is designed to support new total hip replacement surgeons as they progress beyond attendance at a total joint replacement workshop, towards performing clinical total hip replacement procedures. Surgeons who complete this program will have demonstrated an understanding of the concepts necessary for successful clinical results. The program offers three potential pathways to practice the procedure, gain confidence, and validate a surgeon’s comprehension of the concepts required for successful clinical results.


NOTE: The prerequisite certificate, "BioMedtrix Universal Hip Workshop Certificate of Completion" must be obtained by attending a BioMedtrix Universal Hip Workshop before enrolling in the BioMedtrix Universal Hip Mentorship Program. 

Here is the course outline:

1. Program Overview

2. Mentorship Pathway


The following certificates are required in order to enroll in this course:

BioMedtrix Universal Hip Workshop Certificate of Completion
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