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Movora Education Pathways

Movora has designed learning pathways and education objectives to add more successful outcomes to your practice and personal skillset.

Total Joint Replacement

Gain familiarity with progressive clinical solutions that address patella-femoral degenerative joint disease, medial compartment syndrome, and dysplasia and osteoarthritis of the joint.

Joint Management

Learn approaches to joint management across multiple disciplines including Arthrodesis, Patellar Groove Replacement, PAUL, DPO/TPO, and TPLO.

Trauma & Fracture Repair

Learn principles to advanced fracture repair solutions with multiple plating options with today's leading-edge teaching surgeons.

BioMedtrix Courses & Workshops

Interested in starting procedures? The BioMedtrix online courses and workshops showcase how to apply BioMedtrix products by building from foundational knowledge.

KYON Courses & Workshops

Interested in starting procedures? The KYON online courses and workshops showcase how to apply KYON products by building from foundational knowledge.

VOI Courses & Workshops

Interested in starting procedures? The VOI online courses and workshops showcase how to apply VOI products by building from foundational knowledge.

Movora Education Objectives

Whether learning a new discipline or refreshing your knowledge for both you and your staff, Movora Education is here to help you meet those goals with course formats for every skill level.

Movora Education Instructors

Movora is proud to present educational and clinical support opportunities delivered and taught by renowned surgeons shaping the future of animal health.

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Dr. Brian Beale DVM, DACVS

Dr. Brian Beale has been teaching for decades disciplines such as cruciate repair, joint management, trauma and and basic to advanced fracture approaches.

Dr. Terri Schiller, DVM, DACVS

Dr. Terri Schiller is a Senior Clinical Instructor and Associate Dean for Small Animal Surgery at the University of Calgary. Dr. Schiller provides her clinical services at VCA Western Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Center in Calgary.

Dr. Otto Lanz, DVM, DACVS

Dr. Otto Lanz is associate professor of surgery at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (Virginia Tech). He is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Dr. Aldo Vezzoni, DVM, DECVS

Dr. Aldo Vezzoni has vast experience with Total Hip Replacements in dogs and cats with more than 3'000 cases performed, and has received many awards for his work. He is the Medical Director of the Clinica Veterinaria Vezzoni in Cremona, Italy

Online Courses

Developed by the top skilled veterinary surgeons in the world. Some courses offer CEUs for completion.

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Gain extensive hands-on experience together with experts around the world.

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Symposia and Webinars

Review prerecorded lectures on topics from TPLO to Total Hip Replacement.

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TJR Mentorship Programs

Explore joint replacement mentorship programs and submit clinical evaluations as part of the mentorship requirements.

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BioMedtrix Logo

BioMedtrix was founded in 1989 with the objective of designing, developing, and manufacturing state-of-the-art veterinary orthopedic implants, becoming the educational standard for Total Joint Replacement. Courses from BioMedtrix include Total Hip Replacement, Total Ankle Replacement, Total Knee Replacement, Total Elbow Replacement and TPLO.

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KYON is a leading provider of orthopedic implants, instruments and services to the veterinary market. Since its founding in 1999, the company has driven innovation, education and development in the industry. Teaching includes courses in TTA, TPLO, PAUL, Fracture Repair, THR and PGR.

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VOI Logo

Founded in 1992, Veterinary Orthopedic implants paved the way as the original manufacturer of implants designed specifically for the canine and feline anatomies…from implants to power equipment, instruments to suture – today, VOI provides complete surgical solutions from cut to close. Courses from VOI include basic to advanced Fracture repair, TPLO, CBLO, Lateral Suture and MPL as well as, a host of courses designed to help surgical support staff stay abreast of changes in sterilization techniques.