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KYON THR Complications & Revision Strategies Workshop

Enrollment for this course is currently closed.



Do you want to be best prepared for complications and learn refined revision strategies from the most experienced KYON THR experts? Register TODAY!


Join Movora on June 14–15, 2024 for our KYON THR Complications & Revision Strategies Workshop presented by KYON at the Palazzo Trecchi in Cremona, IT!



Stephen Bresina
Stephen Bresina, PhD
Otto Lanz
Otto Lanz, DVM, DACVS
Peter Vandekerckhove
Peter Vandekerckhove, DVM, DECVS
Aldo Vezzoni
Aldo Vezzoni, DVM, DECVS

Surgeon Registration: EUR 2500

Registration closes May 14th, 2024. 


Workshop Description

This 2-day workshop consists of comprehensive classroom instruction and extensive hands-on laboratory experience. Our multi-faceted approach to education is designed to offer participants the necessary resources and support to sufficiently familiarize themselves with the possible complications and adequate revision strategies. Participants will learn the proper revision techniques, e.g., stem replacement, plating/cerclage wiring, cup replacement, and placement of revision cups for use of the KYON THR System.


Workshop Objectives

Participants of the KYON Complications & Revision Strategies workshop are expected to achieve familiarity with intra- and postsurgical complications as well as revision strategies.  


Workshop Prerequisites

Participants are required to have extensive THR experience. Prior completion of the KYON Total Hip Replacement Workshop and passing of the KYON THR Skill Assessment is mandatory.


Movora provides all equipment and materials for each workshop.




Palazzo Trecchi Lab
Via Trecchi, 20
26100 Cremona, Italy


To take advantage of the special rates when booking your stay, please follow the link below and do not forget to make your reservation as a SCIVAC vetWhere to Stay

The hotel information above is provided as a courtesy. All travel accommodations are the responsibility of the registered individual(s). Please note: This workshop has a minimum required enrollment. It is recommended that registrants wait to book travel arrangements until minimum enrollment has been confirmed by the event coordinator.

Presented by

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The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

KYON Zurich Cementless THR Certificate of Completion
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